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Has the world's deadliest Canadian sniper Walli killed in Ukraine?

Canadian sniper killer Walli came to Ukraine to fight against Russian soldiers. He is one of the deadliest sniper killer of the world. Yesterday. Killing of this sniper became trending in social media. Russian supporters and nationalists were claiming he is killed by Russian bombing in Mariupol within 20 minutes of his action.

The news is trending in social media but no media house still reported. Experts think it may be a part of Russian propaganda. Walli is an ex-soldier of Canadian army. He joined NATO force in Afghanistan against Taliban. Some media claim that he can kill 40 enemies in a day with his sniper rifle. He is capable to kill enemies from 3.5-kilometer distance.

You can read more about his Ukrainian mission

World's most dangerous sniper killer arrives in Kyiv to fight against Russia

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