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World's most dangerous sniper killer arrives in Kyiv to fight against Russia

Now the world's most famous killer has reached Ukraine's capital Kyiv to respond to Russia's attacks against Ukraine. This killer is also called as "Ghost killer". His specialty is that he can shoot someone's scent with his rifle even from three and a half kilometers away. According to a report in The Sun, the name of this trend killer is Wali.

Wali, a resident of Canada, reached Ukraine on Friday. His wife and newborn child live together in Canada. 40-year-old Wali has been a trained sniper of the Canadian Armed Forces. He has been posted in Afghanistan in 2009 and 2011 on behalf of NATO countries. Wali was a soldier of the 22nd Regiment of the Royal Canadian Army, who made a world record by blowing the head of the enemy from a distance of 3.5 km.

Earlier, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky had appealed to the people of the world that those who want to support Ukraine in this war of independence can come and join their Territorial Force. This is not the real name of Wali, Its name in Arabic means protector. He was given this nickname because of his contribution to the Canadian military operation in Afghanistan. Speaking to a French newspaper, He said that he got an invitation from one of his Ukrainian friend who lives in Donbass region.

His friend also added that he needed a sniper who could fight the attacking Russian soldiers in order to safely deliver relief materials to the Donbass. According to the report, Wali is counted among the best snipers in the world. Their biggest feature is that they can remain lying like a stone at any place for hours without coming in the sight of the enemy. It is believed that if they are in form, they can send 40-50 enemies in a day. Their dangerousness can also be gauged from the fact that generally even a good sniper cannot kill more than 7-8 prey.

Giving the reason for coming to Ukraine, Wali said, 'I want to help them (Ukrainians). I have come to Ukraine because people here are being bombed just because they want to be European, not Russian.'

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