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Ukraine started the exports of grains despite the Russian attack

The global wheat shortage and the soaring European Energy have now threatened millions in the underdeveloped nations with hunger and a rise in fuel prices.

In addition, Russia and Ukraine have signed an agreement on the Black Sea grain exports in Istanbul with Turkey and the UN as co-guarantors.

The officials have agreed that there would be no attacks on the ship moving through the Black Sea to Turkey's Bosporus Strait and eventually reaching the markets; a joint committee will be set up to monitor the situation.

But on the Contrary, Moscow had attacked the Odesa port just after the deal was signed. Still, according to Moscow, they hit the military infrastructures, but this has resulted in the breach of the agreement signed between the nations.

But now, a senior Ukrainian government official said that he hoped the first grain shipment from Kyiv could be possible this week, shipments from other ports mentioned in the deal within two weeks.

In a press conference, Deputy Infrastructure Minister Yuriy Vaskov said, "we believe that over the next 24 hours, we will be ready to work to resume exports from our ports. We are talking about the port of Chornomorsk. It will be first, then Odesa, then the port of Penny."

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