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After the landmark deal, Russia hits the Odesa port

The Russian missiles hit the Ukrainian Port Odesa the day after Russia and Ukraine signed a deal to reopen the Black Sea port.

The operational command South wrote on Telegram, "the enemy has attacked the Odessa sea trade port with Kalibr cruise missile, the air defense forces shot down two missiles, two hit the infrastructure of the port."

Odesa is the largest Ukrainian seaport, and one of the largest ports in the Black Sea basin, the port has remained under Kyiv's control and has been blockaded by Russia.

While the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutters and Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had successfully brokered the agreement to resume grain exports and ease the global food crisis.

The United Nations Guterres has said that he "unequivocally" condemned the missile attacks on the port. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell slammed Russia's "reprehensible" missile attack on Ukraine's Odesa.

He wrote on Twitter, "Striking a target crucial for grain export a day after the signature of the Istanbul agreements is particularly reprehensible and again demonstrates Russia's total disregard for international law and commitments."

Experts and analysts say it is unclear whether the Russian strike meant the deal was already over.

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