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Ukraine's big blow to Russia, Ukraine attack on Russian headquarters, 200 paratroopers killed

destroyed russian paratrooper's head quater

Russia Ukraine War: The war between Ukraine and Russia has completed six months, and the war is still going on. On Ukraine's Independence Day, Russia launched an airstrike on Ukraine. In retaliation, Ukraine has directly attacked the Russian Headquarters. Ukraine has attacked the Russian headquarters and killed 200 Russian paratroops. The regional governor of Ukraine (Russian Headquarters) has given information about this. They have said that this attack was done to destroy the Russian base east of Ukraine. 200 paratroopers of Russia (Russian Airborne Troops) were killed in this attack on Ukraine.

Photos of the attack shared:

Serhii Haidai, the administrative governor of the Luhansk region in Ukraine, informed about the attack in a Telegram post on Friday. He said the Ukrainian army successfully attacked the Russian base in a hotel in Kadivka. Currently, the pace of Russia's war in the eastern part of Ukraine has slowed down a bit. Governor Haidai also shared a photo of the building in the post. His post also included photos of the war-torn building, which he said the Russian military had used as a base since 2014.

War Intensifies in Ukraine's Eastern Donbas Region:

After failing to capture the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, Russian forces intensified the war in Ukraine's eastern Donbas region. Haidai said in June that Ukrainian forces had destroyed a base in Kadivka used by Russia.

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