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Yulia Navalnaya Vows to Carry Forward Husband's Legacy Amidst Delay in Body Release

In a poignant video address published on social media, Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, has pledged to continue her late husband's political work. Navalnaya's impassioned nine-minute speech came amidst distressing news that Russian authorities had informed the family and legal team that they would not gain access to Navalny's body for another two weeks.

"I will continue Alexei Navalny’s work… I want to live in a free Russia, I want to build a free Russia," Navalnaya declared, urging Russians to stand with her. She called upon the public not just to share in grief but also in the anger towards those responsible for Navalny's death.

Navalnaya accused Russian authorities of murdering her husband, hiding his body, and waiting for traces of the nerve agent novichok to disappear. Following her remarks, Navalny's spokesperson, Kira Yarmysh, disclosed that Russian investigators had informed the family about further delays in releasing Navalny's body, citing the need for additional chemical examination over the next 14 days.

In her emotional address, Navalnaya expressed her anguish, asserting, "I shouldn’t have been in this place… But that person was killed by Vladimir Putin." She promised to reveal soon why she believes Putin targeted her husband. Navalnaya, acknowledging her profound loss, stated, "Putin killed the father of my children… Putin took away the most precious thing I had."

Navalnaya, who previously maintained a low public profile, emphasized her solidarity with the Russian people, declaring her intent to stand alongside them in their struggle. She currently resides abroad in an undisclosed location, aiming to shield her children from the repercussions of Navalny's political activism.

As Navalnaya emerges as a prominent figure within the Russian opposition, support for her cause burgeons both domestically and internationally. Fellow dissidents voiced their backing on social media, with many expressing admiration for her resilience in the face of adversity.

Navalnaya's powerful message coincided with her address to EU foreign ministers in Brussels, where she implored the international community to take decisive action against Putin's regime. Clad in black, she urged the EU and the West to intensify sanctions targeting Putin and his allies, emphasizing that Russia transcends its authoritarian leadership.

Navalnaya's unwavering determination underscores the enduring legacy of Alexei Navalny and serves as a rallying cry for those committed to democratic reform in Russia. As she continues to navigate the aftermath of her husband's tragic demise, Navalnaya emerges as a symbol of resilience in the struggle for justice and freedom.

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