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Ukraine can turn tablets into lethal weapons

tab as lethal weapon

As Moscow has annexed Kyiv, it has been attacking Ukraine. This has led Savchenko and other like-minded activists to start a non-governmental organization Army SOS.

This group had raised money to produce flak jackets and some other military gear for former protesters who volunteered to fight the separatists even when they were under-equipped and were barely trained to use all the available weaponry. The group has also delivered the gear to the front line because volunteers and the service numbers had asked for it badly.

Savchenko has recalled some of them saying, "Guys give us some maps. We need them. We only have the Soviet once from the 1980s". But instead of printing thousands of maps, Army SOS had developed tech solutions to this problem; they asked a group of software developers in Ukraine to install satellite maps and Ukrainian military data on tablets and smartphones.

Because of this technology, the troops started to analyze their surroundings better, and the tools allowed them to correct artillery more clearly and precisely. They also changed the entire system. Kropiva (needle) is a type of software. It is a part of a series of high-tech equipment and weaponry that had helped transform the Ukrainian Military from a demoralized phase to a more serious force of resistance. Kopriva is that software that turns any Android tablet into a basic automated precision guidance system unit. This tablet can acquire and transmit coordinates for correcting artillery fire from its users, a drone, or anything under its radar.

It can also calculate the distance to targets and direct shots of each type of artillery used by the Ukrainian military. This software also gets accurate meteorological data that can affect each shot- the speed and the direction of the wind and humidity. The tablet is also portable to radio stations if there is no web access to get in touch with command centers. The calculations made by these tablets are made in seconds and are transmitted within no time; hence, they can save the time and energy of Ukrainians and destroy the enemy.

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