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Security Council's Fails to put a halt to ongoing Ukraine crisis

Mumbai: Amid the petrifying crisis being witnessed in Ukraine, a meeting was called by the Security Council to fetch a stable solution through a draft that aimed at ending the Russian Federation's military action against Ukraine. According to the information the Draft proposed by Albania and United States collectively was able to garner support from 11 members but was simultaneously Vetoed by Russian Federation. Out of the 15 Council members, India, China and the United Arab Emirates abstained and evaded the voting for the Draft.

According to the Draft collectively presented by Albania and United States, the 15-member council would have deemed the Russian Federation military aggression as violating Article 2, paragraph 4 of the charter of the United Nation. Article 2, paragraph 4 of the charter imposes an obligation to abstain from the threat of force that scarves the territorial integrity or the political independence of any state.

Furthermore, the draft if passed would have compelled the Russian Federation to put a halt to its military aggression and to immediately cease the use of humorous forces against Ukraine. The draft could have impelled the Russian Federation to withdraw its military operation from the country's territory.

The representative of the United States claimed that the draft presented with Albania proposed to hold Russian Federation accountable for its military aggression. The Representative further added that the council members who exhort the draft presented by her Country and Albania should vote "Yes" to protect the integrity of Ukraine and uphold the Charter and otherwise vote "No" or abstain if they want.


Concurrently After the process of voting the delegate of the Russian Federation put forth its reason for casting a vote against the draft. The Russian Federation delegate blatantly claimed that the draft contradicts the interest of the Ukrainian people who have suffered over the last eight years. In addition, he highlighted that his country's troops are not targeting the civilians or are not pelting the cities. Casting a veto vote against the draft, he stated that Moscow is on its path of accomplishing its objective and the citizens of Ukraine will be able to determine their future.

Ukraine’s representative exhibited his gratitude to all the council members who supported the draft and simultaneously cited the words of his Russian counterpart as "holding less value than a hole in New York Pretzel" as Russia had multiple times denied the intention of invading Ukraine.

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