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China openly supports Russian attack on Ukraine

USA has imposed sanctions on Russia during its invasion of Ukraine, but China has decided to lift its sanctions on wheat imports.

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the world's attention has turned to what is happening in Kiev. China, on the other hand, has indirectly supported Russia's military action, albeit indirectly. On the one hand, many countries are imposing sanctions on Russia in protest of Russia's attack, while on the other hand, China has decided to lift the restrictions on wheat imports imposed on Russia.

Large numbers of Russian troops have entered the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Explosions have been heard in Kiev since Friday morning. In this state of war, the world is divided into two sides. Many countries like US, UK, European countries are seen supporting Ukraine while China and Pakistan are indirectly supporting Russia and supporting the war.

The announcement was made by China's Administration of Customs following Russia's attack on Ukraine on Thursday. The move comes as part of an agreement reached between Putin and Jinping earlier this month. Russia is the world's largest wheat producer. But China had imposed restrictions on Russia's wheat imports for fear of bacteria-mixed wheat.

Russia-China Agreement:

Earlier this month, China and Russia signed an agreement on February 8. Under the agreement, China agreed to buy wheat and grain from Russia. According to the agreement, imports from China will be stopped immediately if any mold or contaminants are found in the wheat. According to the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture on Wednesday, China is facing major difficulties due to floods during last year's sowing season.

Other sanctions on Russia:

Putin has been widely criticized in the West for his role in Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In his speech on Thursday, US President Joe Biden announced the imposition of sanctions on Russia. EU leaders, meanwhile, have agreed to impose tougher economic sanctions on Russia after a six-hour meeting. Russia's foreign ministry has said in a statement that Russia is using "false and useless excuses" to support an attack on Ukraine.

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