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Ukraine's president issued a video late Friday night stating that he would not leave Kiev.

Mumbai: The war between Russia and Ukraine is intensifying. Russia's military has attacked several Ukrainian cities and is heading straight for the capital, Kiev, where there are signs of a full-blown war between the two armies. As the situation continues to change, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy released another video late Friday night, sending a "very important message" to his countrymen and the military, stressing that he would not bow to Russia under any circumstances.

Russian troops have stormed the city of Kiev. There are fears of a major attack on the capital, Kiev. In this situation, Ukraine's intentions are firm. The Russian military is responding in kind to the Ukrainian military. Chief among them is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who stands firmly behind the military. They are based in Kiev. He is constantly updating and working to give the countrymen and the army patience and strength to fight in this time of crisis. On Friday night, Zelensky released a video of himself shooting. He is accompanied by the Prime Minister and other colleagues. It shows Zelensky's tough stance and he has hit Russia hard.

"We will not bow to Russia's attack. My colleagues and I are in Kiev. Our army is ready to face any situation. Every element of society is with us. "We are fighting for the protection of our country and for the preservation of our independence, and we will continue to do so," he said. The video was shared on the official Twitter handle of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Meanwhile, Zelensky had earlier released a video. In it, he underlined fears from Russia. I am Russia's first target. "After me, my family is their target," Zelensky said. We will not give up, even if Russia is on my side and they want to destroy Ukraine. "I will stay in Kiev and my family will stay in Ukraine," he said.

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