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Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in India's coastal areas

The strong winds will affect the coastal areas along the east and west coasts of India and the countries bordering the Indian Ocean, which is likely to cause coastal floods.

For many years, scientists have been warning about climate change and its effects on the environment. Scientists say that global warming could pose a number of environmental threats in the future. Moreover, a new study suggests that climate change could lead to some unusual activity in the Indian coastal area, the Bay of Bengal, the South China Sea and the South Indian Ocean.

The new study puts people living in and around coastal cities at risk. Because, these areas are already at risk of flooding. Increasing movement of ocean waves can increase the risk of flooding. Which can lead to groundwater intrusion, crop failure and social and economic damage to the human population.

According to a study published in the Springer Journal of Climate Dynamics, strong winds will affect coastal areas along India's east and west coasts and countries bordering the Indian Ocean, leading to coastal flooding.

According to the study, maximum strong winds are expected in June-July-August and September-October-November in the South Indian Ocean region. Parts of the Bay of Bengal will have to face more winds. The waves will be about 1 meter in the South Indian Ocean and 0.4 meters in the North Indian Ocean, North-West Arabian Sea, North-East Bay of Bengal and South China Sea.

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