After Sri Lanka, Italy is now in a political crisis: Mario Draghi's resignation as PM is accepted

Milan: The drama of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi's resignation is finally over. The President has accepted Mario Draghi's resignation and will serve as caretaker prime minister until a new prime minister is elected.

The resignation of heads of state in various countries is going on. After Britain, Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi's resignation drama finally ended. Mario Draghi's resignation has been handed over to President Sergio Mattarella. The President has asked Mario Draghi to act as caretaker prime minister until a new prime minister is chosen. Mario Draghi took this decision after the major cooperative party boycotted the vote of confidence.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi was in trouble after the Five Star Movement, a party in power, took a different stance during the vote of confidence. Even after Mario Draghi announced his resignation, the President did not accept it. Mario Draghi resigned today.

End of Resignation Drama:

The drama that started with the resignation of Mario Draghi finally ended after seven days. The Prime Minister of Italy resigned last week. The President rejected it, and once again, Mario Draghi resigned. Now it has been accepted by the President. Mario Draghi became Prime Minister in 2021. Now the President has accepted the resignation of Mario Draghi. The President can choose a new Prime Minister without holding urgent elections.

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