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A young woman lost her life due to hijab: Iran police arrested her for not wearing a hijab

A young woman died in police custody in Iran. The police arrested her for not wearing a hijab. Iran's hardline government has made it mandatory for women to wear the hijab. Here women who do not follow this order are being tortured after arrest.

The latest case was on September 13. 22-year-old Mahsa Amini came to Tehran to visit her family. She was not wearing a hijab. The police immediately arrested Mahsa. She died on September 16, 3 days after her arrest. After this, the matter came into discussion.

Death due to blow to the head

According to Iranian media reports, Amini fell into a coma within hours of her arrest. She was taken to hospital. According to the family, Mahsa had no illness. She was in perfect health. However, her death is said to be suspicious. According to reports, it is not clear what happened between Mahsa's arrival at the police station and his arrival at the hospital. A channel that monitors human rights violations in Iran said Amini died of head injuries.

A demand for justice

Amnesty International, an organization that fights for human rights, said there had been allegations of torture against the police. The death of 22-year-old Mahsa in police custody should be investigated. The police arrested him for forcibly enforcing the Hijab Act. Kept in custody for three days. Later she died.

US Ambassador to Iran Robert Malle said - Mahsa died of injuries sustained in custody. The officials responsible for her death should be punished. Iran must stop violence against women.

Iranian lawyer Saeed Dehgan called Amini's death a murder. He said- her head was hit and fractured. She fell into a coma and died.

The police denied the allegations

After the death of Mahsa Amini, there were protests against the police in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Police say that Mahsa was not beaten. Many girls were arrested on September 13. One of them was Amini. When she was taken to the police station, she fell unconscious. At the same time, President Ibrahim Raisi has ordered the Home Minister to investigate the matter.

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