Zodiac Sign Series

Aries: Born Leader(March 21- April 20)

The star sign, Aries, born between March 21 - April 20, is garish, proud, harsh, and a survivor. Aries is the only zodiac sign (March 21 to April 20), and its mascot is the Ram. As a fire sign, it is dictated by the planet Mars; Aries (dubbed as Mesha in Vedic astrology) vigor is individualistic, courageous, and brave.

Therefore, they are the first sign and are considerably raw with their desires, needs, and sentiments. Aries have a very calm and compassionate nature. Their Mars majesty renders them sporting and full-on too. They are live wires and can light up a room. And, mostly, they're delightful to be around because they honestly care about other people's emotions and well-being.

At the core, Aries fulfills what they wish and do things in their manner. They are brave of confrontation, highly robust, candid, and straightforward.

An Aries is not saddled by the freedom of choice and is possibly the sign that is least clashed about what they crave. They toss themselves at the world eagerly and without any worry. It is one of their exceptionally admirable traits but also what induces them a tremendous amount of pain and grief. Aries are steered by a need to substantiate themselves and their resilience. They generally take the burden and are robust and driving. They have elevated stability and can commence quick activities. They can also be anxious but are commonly enthusiastic and don't like to squander time. While Aries like contests, they don't want to play games with anyone's emotions. They are loyal to the core. They are highly self-conscious, have strong beliefs, and are always prepared to uphold them.

Aries are inclined to be reckless, restless, and hotheaded. They do not admit guilt for their bitterness. They say "I don't care" and imply it. They don't invariably have the best self-restraint, so they need to realize how to be more patient.

Hooked to action and enthusiasm, Aries is often the factor of their confusion. All Aries want to feel things deeply, which is why they can sometimes be susceptible to reckless risk-taking. It also means they frequently respond out of sentiment rather than from a place of steady, clear-headedness.

The sun is heightened in Aries, signifying these people are endowed with certain traits vital to being rulers and trailblazers.

They exemplify all newly bred, are movers, shakers and game changers, prominent protagonists, actors, catalysts of transformation, individual and different, preachers, makers, trailblazers, strong adversaries, and ferocious champions.

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