Does receiving a compliment or cash awards cast the same ecstatic effect in our minds?

psychological effects on cash reward

Receiving compliments from people and receiving cash rewards are contrary situations and should cast different effects on our emotions. Both the conditions are contrary to each other since both have different implications like we cannot use compliments to pay for our necessities. Thus, it is generally presumed that different situations would affect our emotions. Still, according to research conducted, it is observed that receiving a compliment has the same effect as receiving cash.

According to the research conducted by Professor Sadato in Japan, “though both the situations are different and should likely invoke different effects on our brain, it is observed that receiving a compliment satiates the brain as much as receiving cash awards.” Unearthing the scientific proofs which justify this theory, the researchers claimed that receiving a compliment encourages an individual in the same manner as after receiving cash as a reward.

According to the researchers, in both situations, the area of the brain activated is Striatum, thus invoking similar effects. You might wonder why this happens. Though the answer might sound strange, it is found that his theory is related to your sleep. Researchers opined that appreciating someone’s effort helps the individual for better skill consolidation in sleep. This theory claims that a compliment is a memory booster for honing your sleeping skills. In a nutshell, appreciating and acknowledging someone’s efforts can indirectly help them to hone their skills.

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