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Los Angeles Man with Rare Genetic Condition, Diphallia (born with two penises), Opens Up About Unique Sex Life

Tank, a Truck Driver, Discusses the Challenges and Pleasures of Living with Two Penises

Tank, a truck driver from Los Angeles, has shared his experiences living with an incredibly rare genetic condition known as diphallia, where he was born with two penises. In an exclusive interview with the YouTube show Soft White Underbelly, Tank discussed the impact of his condition on his sex life, revealing both challenges and pleasures.

Diphallia, a genetic abnormality affecting less than 1,000 men and boys in the United States, is characterized by the presence of two penises. Tank, identified only by his nickname, disclosed that while some of his partners struggled with the uniqueness of his anatomy, others found pleasure in the unusual situation.

Tank revealed that he was sent to a juvenile detention center at the age of 12 and was a virgin until his release at 24. After gaining his freedom, he embraced his condition, even boasting about ejaculating from both penises simultaneously, regardless of stimulation. However, he acknowledged that the pain caused to some partners led him to undergo surgery to remove one of his penises.

"When I was penetrating a woman, I would get a feeling, but one [of my penises] is like at the side and feels like it's gonna blow up," Tank explained during the interview.

Despite the challenges, Tank shared details about his sex life, recounting how some women enjoyed the novelty of his diphallia. One former lover, he claimed, became hooked on the experience, eventually seeking threesomes after their breakup, as a single penis was no longer sufficient.

Tank considered the possibility of entering the adult entertainment industry, stating, "She wanted to be a p**n star, and she wanted us to do a video together. I probably would have made a lot of money." However, he decided to undergo surgery to address the discomfort and pain experienced by many of his partners.

Notably, Tank mentioned that he is not the only member of his family with this unique condition, revealing that his uncle was also born with diphallia. According to the National Institutes of Health's Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center, diphallia can range from duplication of the glans to having two fully-fledged penises, with around 100 cases reported since the first case in 1609.

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