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Zelensky wants "direct talks with Putin."

The war has entered its fourth month, and Russia claims to have control of most of Eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has said he is "ready for direct talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin". There have been no rounds of peace talks since March.

He has said that "there is no one else to talk to but the Russian President Vladimir Putin '';

Russia has claimed nearly 97% of the two provinces of Donbas and has now brought Russia closer to fulfilling the goal of taking control of eastern Ukraine. There are reports that Putin has signed a decree that will officially recognise the independence of two separatist regions in the east of Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk, just after a few days of the war.

However, Ukraine is firm on its position to retain its sovereignty over the areas occupied since 2014 by the Russian and pro-Russian forces.

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