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Zelensky fires Kharkiv's security chief for "not working effectively."

Zelensky has visited the war-torn region of Kharkiv; after the visit, he has announced that he has fired the northeastern city's security chief in a rare public rebuke.

He has said that the chief was dismissed "for not working to defend the city from the first days of a full-scale war, but thinking only of himself" and that others had carried out their work "effectively" while the chief didn't.

While the president didn't announce the name formally when he announced that he was sacked, the Ukrainian media reports have however the Ukrainian media reports have made a successful attempt to identify him as "Roman Dudin," who is the head of the Kharkiv region SBU security service.

On this visit to Kharkiv, he was spotted wearing a bulletproof jacket, and he did visit the sites which have destroyed buildings and other important devastated structures. He also visited areas surrounding Kharkiv.

He has expressed his thoughts in a telegram post by saying that, while one-third of the Kharkiv region remained under Russian control, "We will for sure liberate the entire area." He also said that "we are doing everything to contain these offenses and constant shelling."

While the regional governors of Lysychansk, Sergiy, and Gameday have announced that the situations in these areas are now "significantly worse."

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