With the motive of marrying her boyfriend, a 19-year old woman fabricated a hoax story of Gang-Rape

The Nagpur commissioner of police Amitesh Kumar and over 1,000 security personnel were compelled to stand on their toe after a hoax complaint was filed by a 19- year old woman feigning to be a rape victim. The false report was filed by the woman at Kalama police station at 11 am, with a motive of marrying her boyfriend.

The police officials including the commissioner of police went all through the investigation before unearthing the false accusation made by the woman. The police officials scrutinized more than 250 CCTV footage of myriad junctures of the city before concluding. Later, she acknowledged her false complaint and admitted that she made this hoax complaint about marrying her boyfriend.

Earlier, in her complaint, she has accused that two unrecognized persons took her to an isolated area and raped her. The two unknown people arrived in a white-colored van when she was heading to Ramadaspeth to attend her music tutorials. The men took hold of her hand and thrust her into the van. The culprits then took her to an isolated place near the chikhali area and raped her, said the official.

Deciphering the situation and acknowledging the seriousness, the police officials immediately started a thorough investigation against the two unknown people. Unveiling the complete truth, regarding the entire incident, Kalama police filed an FIR against the two assailants under the appropriate section of the Indian Penal Code. The police commissioner instructed 40 special teams, consisting of about 1,000 security personnel to probe into this matter.

The commissioner claimed that after a thorough investigation of six hours and recording the statements of 50 people, they concluded that the woman has engineered a false accusation to marry her boyfriend.

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