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Why parents are abandoning their children?

Since, the month of November 2021, families are disowning their children if they stand against the Junta(military group) of Myanmar, this has been happening consistently resulting in broken ties between the parents & their kids in several families living in Myanmar.

Soon after the military which seized power from Myanmar's democratically elected government a year ago issued a notice that the opponents property would be undertaken by it and whosoever would give any sort of help to the protesters will be arrested.

One of the notices of the parents that was reviewed by reuters was " We declare we have disowned Lin Lin Bo Bo because he never listened to his parents' will"

Lin Lin Bo Bo is a former car salesman who joined an arm group resisting military rule.

While one mother said "My daughter is doing what she believes but I'm sure she will be worried if we got into trouble she continued further "I know she can understand what I have done to her".

According to Reuters, Lin Lin Bo Bo expressed his hope to get back to his family and support them.

On the hand, So pyay Aung, the Journalists, fears that his split with family is permanent.

While conversation with Reuters he said "I don't even have a home to go back to after the revolution....I am so worried all the time because my parents are left under the military regime"

Myanmar has a past record of using families to accomplish it's will.

Previously, this tactic was used in the years 2007 and 1980s but now during Feb. 1, 2021, it is been used more frequently according to Wai Huin Pwint Thon, Senior Advocacy Officer at Rights group Burma Company, UK, which uses the old name for the former British Colony.

While talking to Reuters military spokesperson, Zaw Min Tun said that people who made such declarations(abandoning their children) in newspapers could still be charged if found to be supporting oppositions to the Junta.

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