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What are the symptoms seen in Omicron patients, know what is the advice of experts?

According to doctors, 4 different symptoms have been seen in patients of Delta and Omicron variants. In this, fatigue, joint pain, cold and high fever ranging from 102 to 108 degrees are felt. At the same time, doctors in South Africa say that the infectiousness of Omicron is very fast, but due to this, the only mild disease is being caused.

According to experts, the vaccine will certainly prevent it from becoming infectious, but in people who have not been vaccinated, this risk is 100 percent. Health experts say that if you feel unwell, then even if you are not showing any symptoms, you should get the RT-PCR test of corona done without delay. Some experts say that if you have any symptoms of corona and even if your test comes negative, you should isolate yourself.

Epidemic experts Giridhar R Babu on the rapidly increasing cases of corona in Delhi say that the cases of corona are not increasing only because of the festival but Omicron is also responsible for this. Due to Omicron, their number may increase further in the coming two months, He said, there will be a sudden increase in the cases of Kovid in India and then its graph will start falling gradually. The highest number of cases of Kovid in India can come between January 15 and February 15. People who have not been vaccinated and have not been infected with Kovid will be at higher risk of infection

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