Weird Love Story: Girlfriend's Revenge, Married to Cheating Boyfriend's Father

Weird Love Story: This girl's name is Augusta Hubble. She is from America. She had a 30-year-old boyfriend when she was 21. Everything was perfect in their relationship (Perfect Couple). According to the girl, her boyfriend was like the dream boyfriend of many girls. He would bring her flowers, give her gifts and even ask her about marriage.

You may have heard many types of love stories, but reading this unique love story will leave you speechless. A girl's love story on social media has left everyone shocked. This girl was in a relationship with a guy. But, later, she came to know something that shocked her. Her boyfriend had cheated on her not once but twice.

The boyfriend cheated twice, then finally broke up

In a video, the girl said they had been in a relationship for 2 years. But, later, the girl realizes that the boy is cheating on her. Her boyfriend was cheating on her with her girlfriend. The girl also gave the boy a second chance, but the boy cheated on her again.

Girlfriend's marriage to boyfriend's father:

After this, the girl liked his father and married him (the girlfriend married to ex-boyfriend's father). In a TikTok video, Hubble said that she celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary with her ex-boyfriend's father and is now very happy with him.

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