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Watch video: London Bridge catches fire as railway arch catches fire

The Train services have been disrupted, and the buildings in the nearby areas have been evacuated as a large fire has caused "bursts of black smoke" under the railway arches in central London. Due to this fire, ten fire engines and approximately 70 firefighters were called to blaze in Union Street, Southwark, on Wednesday morning as a railway arch was completely alight, according to the London fire brigade.

According to the train operator in the Southeast, all routes through nearby London Bridge station were severely disrupted. According to the London fire brigade station commander Wayne Johnson, " The blaze is producing heavy smoke, and those living or working in the local area are advised to keep their windows and doors closed. Trains to and from London Bridge are affected, and several buildings have been evacuated."

The fire service said it had taken more than 33 emergency calls related to the fire, and it was first alerted at 9.29 am. Southeastern wrote on Twitter, "Due to the fire next to the track between Waterloo East and London Bridge, services across all routes through the London Bridge are severely disrupted. Trains are being diverted to other London terminals or terminated at alternative locations."

No injuries have been reported, as the entire railway arch, which was used as a garage and contained four vehicles, has been destroyed.

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