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WATCH THE VIDEO: SHOCKING! A shark was seen walking; Scientists were amazed

Sharks often attack people while swimming in the sea. Incidents of such attacks have come to light so far. But in the future, the shark may attack you even when it comes to land. Sharks are trying to adapt to the changes in the environment.

Florida Atlantic University scientists were filming sharks on May 3, 2022. Filming of sharks started as part of study and research. At that time, they saw a shark walking. A shark walks on its hind legs. If sharks start running, it will be dangerous for humans. In the future, sharks may come out of the water and attack humans.

Video courtesy to- The Weather Channel

Scientists saw small epaulet sharks walking on land. This shark was about 3 feet long. The epaulet shark is found near Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Epaulet sharks can survive for 2 hours even after complete depletion of oxygen.

Epaulet sharks search for oxygen on land and water when oxygen is depleted. The epaulet starts with the help of the previous buds. Once it gets oxygen, it starts swimming again. Scientists studied the walking pattern of this species. Now-born sharks can walk. Scientific studies have revealed that their body weight, length, and size do not hinder their walking.

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