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Washington shooting: one dead and three injured in the shooting

The Metropolitan Police Department of the U.S. capital has confirmed that a shooting occurred at a crowded intersection in Washington D.C., and it has left a 15-year-old teenager dead and three injured in the injured person's list, including one police officer.

MPD chief Robert J. Contee has told the media that the 15-year-old teen has been dead while firing at 14th and U street. On the mentioned street, many people had gathered to celebrate on account of Juneteenth. More details about the shooter have not been revealed, and the reason for the teen carrying out this shooting remains unknown.

But the shooting is believed to be a result of a fight; as one person pulled out a firearm and began to shoot, the officer who intervened to control the situation was shot in his lower extremity. The chief has mentioned that the injured officer will survive.

Over the last two months, many incidents of such abrupt shootings have occurred, triggering a wave of anti-gun laws in America.

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