Vladimir Putin is to undergo cancer surgery. To whom will the country's formula be handed over?

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and Parkinson's disease. Putin has already undergone surgery and will undergo another surgery in the coming days.

After Russia launched the Russia Ukraine War, President Vladimir Putin became a challenge to the United States and NATO. Putin had started the war against Ukraine on the issue of NATO's participation. However, Vladimir Putin is expected to undergo surgery for cancer soon. Russia's Security Council chief Nikolai Petrushev will be in charge of the country's affairs during Putin's surgery. Petrushev is considered close to Putin. Petrushev will also lead Russia's special military operation in Ukraine.

Nikolai Petrushev is considered to be the head of Russia's war strategy. On the advice of Petrushev, Vladimir Putin ordered military action against Ukraine. Following Petrushev's advice, Putin summoned Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Army Chief General Valery Gerasimov and ordered an attack on Ukraine. Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin were not even aware of the secret meeting between Putin and Petrushev.

Vladimir Putin will undergo cancer surgery, claims Telegram channel SVR. Sources in the Russian president's office have claimed responsibility for the attack. Putin has had stomach cancer and Parkinson's disease for the past 18 months. Putin had delayed his first surgery. However, Putin is expected to undergo surgery for cancer after Russia's May 9 Victory Day parade. Victory Day Parade is held on May 9 to commemorate the bravery of Russian troops in World War II.

According to the SVR, Putin's surgery was scheduled for the second fortnight of April. However, the war against Ukraine did not make it happen. A date has been set for Putin's second surgery. The battle between Russia and Ukraine began on February 24. Although 67 days have passed since the start of the war, no positive decision has been taken to end the war.

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