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Viral on social media: Russian Woman Got Pregnant by Step Son

Russian Woman Got Pregnant by StepSon: This 37-year-old woman named Marina Balmasheva gave birth to a daughter with her stepson, and she is now pregnant again. She is in a relationship with her stepson. His name is Vladimir. Marina raised Vladimir when he was seven years old, but now she has become the mother of Vladimir's child.

Marina was married to Alexei Shavirin and lived in his house. Marina adopted four other children, who now live with Alexey.

According to a report in the news, Mom-stepson's love relationship began when her stepson came home on a university holiday, and Marina separated from her husband to marry his stepson. Now marina has a 20-month-old daughter, and the father of this baby is Vladimir.


  • * The child who she raised since he was seven years old

  • * She fell in love with him, then got married to him

  • * Now that stepson will be the father of that newborn baby

Currently, this story has become a topic of discussion around the world. Please watch her Instagram profile below :

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