Video: Storm rages in America; It becomes difficult even to stand; the horrible scene was caught

Updated: Sep 30

Due to this storm in Florida, life has been disrupted, and there has been a massive loss of life. More than 20 million houses here are in darkness due to lack of electricity. This terrible storm is said to be the most dangerous of all the storms that have ever hit America. On the morning of Thursday, September 29, the speed of this storm was 241 kilometers per hour, and it was seen that a journalist reporting on this storm was found, the video which is going viral on social media. In the viral video, the reporter saves his life with great courage.

The video shows the journalist reporting live during a significant storm. Then the storm's speed suddenly increases, and the reporter bravely saves himself. Meanwhile, a branch of a tree comes flying and gets stuck near his feet. He pushes the branch aside and stands, holding the pole. Significantly, the reporter continues his reporting despite the storm. The reporter caught in the storm is Jim Cantor, one of the weather workers for a news channel related to the department.

Smoke from Hurricane Ian This dangerous storm that hit the US was 105 km south-southwest of Naples at 7 am today, September 29. It was moving at speeds of up to 17 kilometres per hour, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said on Wednesday, September 28, "This is a major storm that threatens people's lives." He told the people of all the towns on the way to go to a safe place. According to media reports, a Hurricane Ian warning has been issued for an area of ​​about 350 km, including Tampa and St. Petersburg.

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