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Video of Ukrainian drone attack: Russian tank destroyed

A RUSSIAN soldier was forced to flee on foot after the tank he was in was hit by a Ukrainian missile in the latest humiliating loss for Vladimir Putin caught on camera. Ukraine's defense ministry has released footage of a surprise attack on a moving Russian tank that forced terrified Russian soldiers inside to abandon the vehicle and flee on foot.

The camera caught the attack, showing the deadly Ukrainian 93rd Mechanized Brigade destroying a Russian T-80BV. It is believed that Ukrainian forces may have used a US-supplied FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile in the attack, which took place in eastern Ukraine. Drone footage shows the moment the rocket hits the moving tank, causing fire and smoke to pour out of the vehicle. It is unclear what happened to the unit after the ambush.

In a tweet, the Ministry of Defense tweeted: "Mad Max: Ukraine's rampage. There is no escape from Ukraine's 93rd Mechanized Brigade!" US intelligence and military officials say the arrival of new weapons from Britain and the US has allowed Ukrainian troops to retake some territory. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Thursday that President Putin is unlikely to succeed in occupying Ukraine. Wallace said Russia's invasion of Ukraine has "faltered" and is "starting to fail."

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