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Video of the Gazprom: It shows how the ice age will be started after stopping gas supply to Europe

Gazprom has released a video showing how Europe could freeze without Russian imported gas this winter. The energy giant, which has traditionally had a large market in the continent, released the film on Monday.

Russian Gazprom's video aimed at intimidating Europe before the "freezing" winter was widely shared on Twitter: "Gazprom" is trying to intimidate Europe, but so far they have only managed to make it laugh." Gazprom has published a video titled "It's going to be a long winter." The company cuts off the gas in the video and shows how an "ice age" is coming to #Europe." Another user responded: 'Won't be cold for Russia; they will have plenty of rubles only worth using for their fire.'

The two-minute clip titled "Winter will be Long" shows Europe freezing due to the lack of Russian gas imports after the tensions caused by the Russian-Ukraine war. In the video, a Gazprom worker turns off the gas supply, causing ice clouds to engulf London, Paris, Berlin, and Brussels. This was three days after Gazprom announced the indefinite shutdown of pipeline Nord Stream 1, which had been due to resume delivery to Germany on Saturday. The company, however, said the flow halting was due to a leak rather than any revenge strategy. A statement in the Telegraph read: "Gas transportation to the Nord Stream gas pipeline has been completely halted until the complaints on the operation of the equipment have been eliminated."

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