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Video of gun firing & police search in the mall: shooting at Minnesota's mall 'Mall of America'

Despite the 'Gun Control Law' in America, incidents of gun violence continue. A new incident has come from Bloomington, Minnesota, where there has been a tremendous shooting in the Mall of America. Bloomington Police said the suspected attacker fled the scene after the firing incident. So no one could get caught. Police are trying to trace the suspected gunman by questioning the people present around the time of the incident. However, till now, no information has been received related to it. Police said that the incident happened at around 6 pm on Thursday.

The attacker fired at least three bullets inside the mall. After which, the people and shopkeepers present hid everywhere inside the mall.

After the incident, the activities on the campus were suspended for some time, the police said. However, the gunman managed to escape. Many videos related to this incident are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Many eyewitnesses have also shared videos where people can be seen running while saving their lives. Many people were also seen hiding in the corners of the mall after the firing.

Video footage shows the gunman is entering inside a shop.

Video of police search

Police said that so far, no casualty has been reported in the incident. At the same time, the people present at the spot said that they heard the sound of gunshots. Jodie Pierre, an eyewitness, said, 'We were going to a Nike store.

During this, we heard a loud commotion.

Then the sounds of gunfire were coming, one after the other. After that, we ran towards the exit. It is worth noting that the incident of firing from America had also come to the fore on Monday. On Monday, there was a gunfight in northeastern Washington, in which several people were killed. The police had said that at least six people were shot in the firing. Let us tell you that 'Gun Control Law' has been brought to stop gun violence in America.

However, despite this, incidents of continuous firing have come to the fore. There have been more than 300 incidents of shootings in the US this year.

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