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Video of Bayraktar's strike on Russian vehicles: Baykar Makina praises Ukrainian soldiers' skills

Baykar Makina, which produces Bayraktar TB2 combat drones, which are actively used by the armed forces of Kyiv to counter aggressive Russia, has been monitoring the use of their UAVs in Ukraine and has also paid attention to the great skills of the Ukrainian military.

CEO Haluk Bayraktar had given a statement in which he stated that "before the war, we had trained the Ukrainian operators, so now they can skillfully use drones. I follow their operations from the news and see their effectiveness. Of course, based on our feedback from the battlefield, improvements are made. You must constantly enhance them. And because of the dynamics on the battlefield and the environment in which they operate, this work never stops. I would like to note that your operators do their best and showcase really good skills in flying drones."

Haluk Bayraktar has added, "We, as manufacturers and as friends of Ukraine, are very proud that Bayraktar TB2 has become your symbol. We really tried to technically support the Ukrainians, to help your military squeeze as much as possible out of those systems so that they are effective in combat."

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