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Video: Macron has faced massive protests in Algeria

The crowd has shouted slogans hailing Algeria during a visit by France's Emmanuel Macron to a city in the former French colony. A video of the incident shows a group of people shouting "long live Algeria" while the French President, surrounded by security personnel, was on a crowded street in the northwestern city of Oran. Macron could be seen waving at onlookers even as the slogan-shouting group continued with its protest. Macron then got into his car and parked on the roadside.

He was on a three-day trip to the North African country that ended on Saturday. The visit came less than two months after Algeria marked six decades of independence following 132 years of French rule and devastating eight-year war. Ties between Paris and Algiers have seen repeated crises over the years. They had been particularly frosty since last year when Macron questioned Algeria's existence as a nation before the French occupation and accused the government of inciting "hatred towards France."

Algeria withdrew its ambassador and banned French military aircraft from its airspace. Diplomatic relations have since resumed, along with overflights to French army bases in sub-Saharan Africa.

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