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VIDEO: Attack on Indian women in America saying 'I Hate Indians'; Threatened to kill them

Texas Woman Threatens Indian: A shameful case of racial attack on women of Indian origin has come to light.

Another example that has come that proves racism persists in America. A case of an American-Mexican woman attacking women of Indian origin has come to the fore. This woman has also threatened to kill them by showing a gun. After the video of this incident went viral on social media, there was a wave of anger. Mexican police have arrested the accused woman. (Texas woman threatens video)

The incident took place on Wednesday night when four women of Indian origin were heading toward the parking lot after having dinner at a hotel in Texas City. Suddenly, a woman of Mexican-American origin approached them and began to abuse Indian women. The video of this incident has gone viral on social media.

"I hate Indians. All Indians come to America to live a better life. I was born in America. However, wherever I go, I see only Indians. Life is good in India so why don't you stay there? The accused woman addressed the Indian women saying why they came to America." In the video, which has gone viral, it is also seen that she is continuously abusing and beating her.

A person posted a video of the incident on social media and wrote, "My mother went to a hotel for dinner with three of her friends. After entering the parking lot, there was a Mexican-American woman. She started abusing my mother and her friends. Even though my mother warned her not to speak in such a language, she still used abusive language to them. Her misconduct was increasing. After that, my mother started video recording. The woman became angrier and started beating my mother and her friends."

The name of the Mexican-American woman is Esmeralda Upton (Esmeralda Upton), and she is a resident of Plano, Texas. Police in Plano, Texas, arrested Esmeralda on Thursday afternoon after the video went viral. She has been charged with racial harassment and intimidation.

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