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Vaccination for children: Vaccination of adolescents from today, registration on Cowin at 7.90 lakhs

Image courtesy to Business standard

Adolescents are being vaccinated from today. Preparations have been made for this at many centers. The Central Government has also issued instructions to the States and Union Territories for the registration of children.

Adolescents are being vaccinated from today as the number of Corona patients is increasing in the country. Vaccination of children between the ages of 15 and 18 has started from today. As many as 7.90 lakh children have registered for the vaccine on the Cowin app. Adolescents are being vaccinated with India's indigenous vaccine covaxin. The vaccination program is being conducted in hospitals and health centers on the advice of schools. Schools and other educational institutions are also being used for vaccination.

Registration for the immunization of adolescents began on Saturday, January 1 at Cowin Portal. So far, more than 7.90 lakh children have registered for vaccination. Children can be vaccinated online or offline by visiting the immunization center.

The Union Ministry of Health has provided information on immunization of adolescents. Only adolescents will be vaccinated with the covaxin vaccine. Additional doses of the vaccine have been sent to the states. Prime Minister Modi had last month announced on December 25 that children between the ages of 15 and 18 would be vaccinated.

Separate team for adolescent vaccination

Only adolescents will be vaccinated with the covaxin vaccine. This should create a separate immunization center for adolescents to prevent mixing of vaccines. Time should be fixed for this. The Union Health Ministry has instructed the states to form different queues and different teams if there is only one time. The adults are already being vaccinated with covaxin and covishield.

States and Union Territories should use the Cowin Portal to inform district level beneficiaries of vaccine requirements. The central government has also called for a plan to distribute the covaxin vaccine as per previous vaccinations. At present, the states have 19.18 crore doses available.

The high incidence of coronavirus in schools and colleges was evident from incidents in several states. Many students in many schools and colleges were exposed to coronavirus. As a result, schools and colleges were closed.

From January 10, precision doses will be given to health workers, frontline workers and senior citizens above 60 years of age. But the government has not yet decided on a booster dose for all.

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