US’s “Tiger Team” on toes with Contingency Plan if Putin Resolves to start Chemical War.

Today’s date marks one month of the hostile Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Russian aggressive military activities in Ukraine have given a grimmer picture of various port cities of Ukraine and the brutality of the Russian army, devouring the lives of innocent civilians of Ukraine.

On the one-month anniversary of the invasion, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reckoned for solidarity and urged the people around the globe to march against the Russian invasion. On the other hand, marking one month of the invasion, NATO, EU, and G7 are holding a meeting in Brussels to preside over the situation of the Russian-Ukraine war.

In addition, the White House has ensured that a national security team has been officially formulated, witnessing the present probability of a Chemical war to be initiated by President Putin.

This team is entrusted with carving out an appropriate plan if the Russian government switches to biological or Nuclear weapons. The team has been named “The Tiger Team” and is also responsible for examining the situation if Putin manages to reach NATO territory.

The “Tiger Team” meets three times a week and scrutinizes every possible way through which Russia can scathe the NATO territory.

The team is also contemplating Russia extending its invasion to neighboring Nations like Moldova and Georgia. Thus, the formulation of the “Tiger Team” seems to be a worthy decision in the background of the war, but the only question which pops up is to what extent the “Tiger Team” would be successful in accomplishing the aims?

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