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US-Russia political conflict, Russia expels top US official

Relations between Russia and the United States have been strained amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Russia has fired Deputy Chief of Staff Bart Gorman, the second-highest ranking diplomat at the US embassy in Moscow.

Russia on Thursday fired a senior official at the US embassy in Moscow. This has led to a political conflict between the two superpowers over the Ukraine conflict. Russia has given no reason for the expulsion.

Form the past few days, US President Joe Biden has been openly warning Russia. Biden also warned on Wednesday and Thursday that the United States would retaliate if it attacked Ukraine. Russia, meanwhile, took the next step on Thursday, targeting the United States as NATO nations prepare for economic and political sanctions against Russia. Russia has fired Deputy Chief of Staff Bart Gorman, the second-highest ranking diplomat at the US embassy in Moscow. Gorman has been stationed at the US embassy in Russia for the past three years. He has an open visa to the United States. Russia's foreign ministry said in a statement that it had not received any information about the incident, but that the US embassy had informed Russian news agencies.

Although Russia has repeatedly stated that it will withdraw its troops from Ukraine, the United States and NATO have repeatedly expressed skepticism. 'There are still many Russian soldiers near the Ukrainian border. Fighter jets hover over Ukraine border. Russia has also stepped up aid near the Black Sea. Blood reserves are being increased there. "If Russia is ready to withdraw from the Ukraine border, what does that mean," said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Invasion of Ukraine at any moment

The United States has said that Russia could invade Ukraine at any time. Against this backdrop, US President Joe Biden has announced that he will send Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Tony Blinken to the Munich Conference to try to unite world leaders against Russia. "Russia can use any pretext to attack. Fake videos, chemical weapons can attack soldiers by lying that they have been attacked. False news can be spread from Russia. So everyone should keep their eyes open and be vigilant, "White House spokeswoman Jane Paskey told reporters. Harris and Blinken will travel to Germany for the Munich Security Conference on February 18-20. There, European countries will be united on the issue of Ukraine's sovereignty, Pasky said.

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