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US News: A terrible accident happened:60 vehicles collided with each other due to snowfall in the US

A terrible accident happened on the highway in the Pennsylvania area of ​​the USA. The crash happened on a highway in Schickel County around 10:30 am. Monday.

A tragic accident has occurred on a highway in Pennsylvania, USA. Nearly 60 such vehicles collided head-on as nothing could be seen in front of them in the snowy atmosphere. At least five people were killed, and more than 24 were seriously injured in the crash.

The crash happened on a highway in Schयलckel County on Monday, according to local police. The number of vehicles colliding with each other is 40 to 60, and most vehicles have been severely damaged.

A video of the incident has also surfaced on social media. The video shows that the drivers did not anticipate the danger in front of them as the snowfall caused darkness on the highway, and the vehicles collided. The accident was so horrific that the driver and passengers left the vehicle on the road and fled to the side to save their lives.

This entire road is mountainous. A search and rescue operation is underway for the victims.

This is the second-largest incident in Schweilkill County, according to officials. The video of the incident shows the tractor-trailer and the car sliding and colliding. It is said that about five vehicles caught fire due to the accident.

The injured have been admitted to four different nearby hospitals. The accident took place around 10.30 am. As soon as the incident was reported, the surrounding roads were closed. The video of this horrific accident is being widely shared on Twitter and has been viewed 2 million times so far.

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