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US lawmakers reckon India to ingrain a profound chasm between the relation of India and Russia

United States Disappointed with the recent UN show where approximately 141 countries voted in favour of the resolution, India repeated its action of abstaining the voting process on the grounds of it's nationals security, has called India to distance itself from Moscow. The United States lawmakers both Democrats and Republicans have exhibited their "disappointment" over India for not taking a public stand against Russian atrocities in Ukraine.

Moreover, the resolution introduced at the United Nations General Assembly aims to impose certain sanctions on Russian banks that will make it harder for the other foreign countries to purchase defence equipment from Moscow. Adding further the US diplomat has not presented an opaque picture of whether Washington would grant a waiver to India to take delivery of Russian air Missiles.

The assistant secretary of the US State Department for South and Central Asia, Donald Lu has claimed that the US may reconsider its decision on waiving sanctions against India.

In 2018, The United States refrained from invoking the provision of CAATSA after India signed a big billion deal with Russia for purchasing the S-400 missile defence system from Russia.

Lu's statement on possible sanction against India came after the interrogation by Senator Chris Van Hollen," whether the abstaining vote of India at UNGA will affect CAATSA?" In response, Lu claimed that "India is a very significant partner and we value our partnership. As Russia is receiving a huge criticism for its Ukraine invasion I hope that now India will make a public stand against Russia and distance itself from Moscow."

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