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UNSC's another endeavor to resolve Russia-Ukraine Crisis

After the UNSC fails to put a halt to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis the UNSC on Sunday called for another rare session of 193 members of the UN General Assembly. During the last Security Council meeting, the draft presented collectively by the United States and Albania was not passed as Russia cast a veto against the resolution and thus, ended the hope of ceasing the ongoing crisis.

According to the last meeting the draft, if passed would have held the Russian Federation accountable for its aggressive military actions against Ukraine and would impel Russia to cease its hostility in Ukraine. The draft though not passed was backed by 11 security councils and was abstained by China, India and UAE.

According to the information The UNGA emergency meeting is scheduled to take place on Monday.

Despite abstaining from the voting process over the draft India exhibited a partial critical stance on Russia at the UNSC meeting. Without highlighting Russia and focusing on the UN charter law India claimed the implication of walking on the path of diplomacy to solve this mushrooming tension between Russia and Ukraine. India emphasized the necessity of the safety of its nationals and to find an appropriate solution to this military aggression.

The UN has tagged the ongoing tensions as a humanitarian crisis as the war has compelled the citizens of Ukraine to migrate due to rising hostilities and casualties. The UN high commissioner for refugees has provided rough stats which claims that 368,000 people have left Ukraine since February 24 as of Sunday. Moreover, the government of Ukraine started that, Ukraine has witnessed 352 civilian casualties, including 14 children, and over 1,600 people have been injured.

Witnessing such a dreadful Scenario in Ukraine India incessantly has emphasized the need to return to the diplomacy track and also highlighted that PM Narendra Modi had urged Russia during their conversation for a return to the path of dialogue and diplomacy.

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