UNICEF to expend assistance to Afghan teachers as ’emergency aid’

The United Nations children’s agency announces that it will disburse Afghan teachers a monthly allowance for at least two months. The allowances of approximately $100 per month will be financed by the European Union and will be reimbursed – in Afghanis – to some 194,000 primary and secondary school mentors for January and February, UNICEF announced in a statement on Sunday.

“Following months of tension and difficulty for many instructors, we are delighted to augment emergency aid to public school instructors in Afghanistan who have spared no undertaking to keep children reading up,” said Mohamed Ayoya, the diplomat for UNICEF Afghanistan.

Need for this decision

When the Taliban commandeered Afghanistan last August, many labourers, encompassing teachers, lingered unpaid for a long time as the country endured an abrupt economic meltdown following the freezing of approximately $9 billion of the central bank's possession.

Constraints in the banking realm due to penalties and a drop-off in growth funding left the new regime battling to expend many public sector salaries, involving teachers.

The Taliban has been uncertain about their plans for girls’ education; many of them are still unable to attend secondary school in many provinces.

However, the group said it is working on plans to allow girls to return to school and is opening universities this month with women attending.

To avert a humanitarian disaster, the UN agencies sought to pay the salaries of the employees without putting funds through government departments.

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