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Ukrainian official claims Explosion at Russian-Occupied Sevastopol Port Destroys 10 Oil Tanks

Pic credit- REUTERS

In a startling development, a Ukrainian military intelligence official has claimed that more than 10 tanks of oil products, with a capacity of around 40,000 tonnes, were destroyed in an explosion that occurred at the Russian-occupied port of Sevastopol today. According to RBC Ukraine, the explosion caused significant damage to the port and the surrounding areas.

Although the official, Andriy Yusov, did not explicitly accuse Ukraine of being responsible for the explosion, he referred to it as "God's punishment" for a Russian strike on a Ukrainian city that occurred on Friday. The attack on Friday left several people dead and resulted in significant damage to the city.

The Moscow-installed governor in Sevastopol, however, has a different version of events. According to him, the fire has been fully extinguished, and there were no injuries. The governor also stated that there was no damage to the port's infrastructure and that it was fully operational.

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