Ukraine's President has not insisted upon membership in NATO.

As the NATO summit has begun, President Zelensky is attending the summit virtually; he has called for "military assistance without any limitations" he has also pleaded for anti-air and anti-ship weapons.

He has that, it feels like we're in a gray area, between the West and Russia, defending our common values, and he added that "this is the scariest thing during a war - not to have clear answers to request for help."

A Biden administration official has stated that Zelensky has not repeated his demand to declare Ukraine a no-fly zone, which NATO has already rejected. Western officials constantly fear that if these demands are met, there can be a potential World War III.

While NATO has agreed to provide Ukraine with drones and other military assistance, they have also decided to strengthen to impose more sanctions on Russia.

Now that Zelensky is soft on his demand to join NATO, it is upon Moscow to end the war now.

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