Ukraine's future in jeopardy! Russian President Putin's remarks have raised concerns

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has said that Ukraine's future is in jeopardy after a failed arms embargo in the city of Mariupol. He also claimed that the war was being waged because of Western sanctions on Russia.

Putin made the claim while interacting with air hostesses on the Russian airline Aeroflot. The meeting was televised. As the Ukraine-Russia conflict escalates, so does Russia. Russian troops are carrying out attacks on various cities in Ukraine. Ukraine, on the other hand, has increased its military presence to 14 million. Russian forces have stepped up bombings in the city of Mariupol. Russia has also bombed residential areas in the northern city of Chernihiv, Kiev, Ukrainian officials said.

Putin has reiterated that Ukraine's leadership is responsible for the war. "If they continue to do what they are doing, the future of Ukraine will be in question. If that happened then they would all be held accountable for their actions, "Putin said. He also criticized Western sanctions for hurting Russia's economy. Putin has said that because of these restrictions, war has to be declared. Meanwhile, a third round of talks between Russia and Ukraine will take place today, Monday, a member of the Ukrainian delegation said. Earlier meetings were held in Belarus but failed.

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