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Ukraine has rejected Russia's offer to open a "humanitarian corridor"

Ukraine has rejected Russia's offer to open a "humanitarian corridor" between Russia and Belarus for the safe passage of its citizens stranded in war-torn Ukraine.

Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk said the proposal was rejected. The proposal gave citizens of Kiev and its suburbs the option to move to the city of Gomel in Belarus, and citizens of Kharkiv, Sumi to the city of Belgorod, Russia, Vereshchuk noted. The Ukrainian government has proposed eight corridors. Russia does not carry out bombings in the western part of Ukraine. It is proposed that citizens be allowed to enter the area. He also called on Russia to stop misleading India, France, China and Turkey.

Meanwhile, thousands of civilians trying to flee Ukraine had to take refuge in safe bunkers due to Russian bombings. Citizens are trying to get out of the suburbs of Kiev. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of mourners. A car was targeted in a Russian rocket attack in Kharkiv. The bombing appears to have intensified after Sunday night.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zhilenski has maintained his determination to fight. "Everyone should take to the streets to get Danwala out of their land," he said.

700 Indians trapped in Sumi

The Russian attack has worsened the situation in the Ukrainian city of Sumi. There are 700 Indian students in this city. Hopes for the safe release of these students have faded. The city's electricity and water supply have been completely cut off. There is a commotion in the ATM, the shopkeepers there are refusing the card. So, a medical student trapped in this city posted a video on social media describing the situation. In this city, there are constant clashes between the armies of both the countries. Bombings and airstrikes have made it difficult for the Indian government to evacuate Indian students. "Our willpower is declining," said Ashiq Hussain Sarkar, a student. "We are ready to go, but the government has instructed us to stay where we are. How many days will this last, 'asked student Ajith Gangadharan.

Russia's key partner: China

Russia is China's most important strategic ally, Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said, refusing to comment on the issue. "Whatever the picture at the international level, we will continue to uphold our strategic interests and continue to promote the Sino-Russian comprehensive partnership in the new era," he said.

Blinken on a three-nation tour

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's visit to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia has begun. All three countries have split from the Soviet Union. In the wake of the Ukraine war, Blinken's visit is significant. All three countries are members of NATO. The main purpose of Blinken's visit is to guarantee security to these countries

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