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Ukraine Crisis: US 13.6 billion aid to Ukraine fighting Russia

The US government and opposition have agreed to provide 13.6 billion in aid to Ukraine after Biden announced that he would help Ukraine fight atrocities and violence.

The US government and opposition have agreed to provide 13.6 billion in aid to Ukraine, which is fighting Russia's aggression. Along with Ukraine, other European allies will also receive financial assistance to cope with the current situation and the Corona. A total of 1.5 trillion US government spending has been approved.

Russia's invasion has created one of the biggest refugee problems in Europe since World War II. US President Joe Biden last week called for, 10 billion in military, humanitarian and economic aid to counter Russia's aggression. After discussions between Democrats and Republicans, the fund rose to 12 billion on Monday and then to. 13.6 billion.

2 million Ukrainians have migrated. Ukraine and Eastern European countries will receive 4 billion in aid. Of the funding to Ukraine, 6.7 billion is earmarked for US military deployments in the region and arms supplies to Ukraine. It also includes helping allies after sanctions on Russia.

"We will continue to support Ukraine against atrocities and violence," Biden said. The bill will be introduced in the House of Representatives on Wednesday and in the Senate this weekend. Russia's growing aggression has prompted U.S. lawmakers to rush to help before it's too late.

Fuel prices rise in US:

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, natural gas prices in the US have been rising. In addition, US President Joe Biden has banned the import of crude oil and natural gas from Russia. Therefore, these rates are likely to increase further. The United States imports seven million barrels of crude oil and petroleum products daily from Russia. From this, Russia gets billions of dollars. The United States has said no decision was made on the issue.

New Zealand sanctions on Russia:

The resolution imposing sanctions on Russia was passed unanimously in New Zealand. Following the sanctions, New Zealand will be able to freeze Russian assets. Also, the arrival of Russian planes and ships will be prevented. Some lawmakers have pointed out that New Zealand should not be a safe haven for Russia's rich to escape sanctions.

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