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Ukraine Crisis: Russia did not care of newborns maternity hospital in Ukraine, bombing on hospital

Russia Air Strike Hit Maternity Hospital: A maternity hospital in the city of Mariupol was destroyed in a Russian bombing raid on Ukraine. Work is underway to determine the number of people injured and killed in the attack.

Russia, which has vowed not to attack civilian settlements, has not released any newborns in Ukraine. According to Ukrainian officials, the bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a maternity hospital in the southeastern city of Mariupol. Many newborns and their mothers were treated here.

The hospital was severely damaged in the attack, according to the city council's social media handle, after Russia targeted the hospital on Wednesday.

According to reports, 17 people were seriously injured in the attack. So many women and children are still trapped under the rubble. The death toll is expected to rise after the attack.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also shared a video of the attack on his Twitter handle. Zelensky expressed strong feelings that the attack was "atrocious."

According to Kirilo Tymoshenko, deputy head of Zelensky's office, Ukrainian authorities are trying to gather information on the number of injured and dead.

Ukraine declares temporary ceasefire

Authorities announced Wednesday morning that thousands of civilians had been evacuated from the cities surrounding Kiev, as well as from the southern cities of Mariupol, Enrhoder and Volnovakha, the eastern Izum and the northeastern Sumi. Ukraine is facing great devastation from this war. The worst hit are ordinary citizens.

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