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Ukraine Crisis: Putin Sends Squad With Nuclear Weapons By Rail To Ukraine

Russia has suffered heavy losses in Ukraine's southern Black Sea region in Kherson. The Russian army has retreated. Meanwhile, Russia has started preparations for a nuclear test. The Telegraph reported that a team from Russia's nuclear intelligence agency had left for Ukraine on a train with a batch of nuclear weapons. With this, President Vladimir Putin is preparing to warn the West directly.

There, US intelligence agencies and experts are trying to figure out whether Putin's nuclear threat is not a hint of destruction. The CIA has said that it believes an attack could be carried out with small nuclear weapons. They are called technical nuclear weapons. Experts say that the use and control of small nuclear weapons are complex. Russia has about 2000 such weapons. Their weight can range from 1 kg to 100 kg.

America: The nuclear weapons available to Russia are being studied by the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, through US nuclear laboratories and intelligence agencies. An official with a group studying various models says Russia's strategic arsenal has always been classified. Weapons vary in size and capacity. Europe's biggest concern is the Iskander-M missile. The cities of Western Europe also fall into this phase.

Survey: Putin's decisions are not approved for the first time after the attack. According to a survey by the Levada Center Institute, Putin's popularity in Russia rose before the attack. In September, 77% of Russians supported the decision to attack, up from 83% in August.

Public Protection: Distribution of Iodine Tablets to the Public in Poland Poland has decided to distribute iodine tablets to the public in anticipation of the Ukraine war turning into a nuclear war. Taking a potassium iodine pill immediately before or after exposure to nuclear fallout helps protect the thyroid gland from radiation.

Pakistan was selling arms to Ukraine through a defense firm

Pakistan has been embroiled in the Russia-Ukraine war. Pakistan has supplied weapons to Ukraine. Pakistan is not neutral in this war. According to a report by Europe-based Geo-Politics, third-country suppliers and contractors are being used to supply weapons from Islamabad to Ukraine.

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