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Ukraine claims to have shoot 10 Russian rockets and planes over Kyiv.

Amid the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, Russia has started a military invasion over the major cities of Ukraine and all cities have been destroyed by now, peace talkings have not been successful so far and President Zelensky has addressed the US Congress and has appealed to the US to declare Ukraine as a No-Fly zone so that Russia’s air defense wont be able to target via air.

In the meantime Ukraine has claimed that it was successful in shooting 10 Russian rockets and planes over Kyiv, the remnants of one of the planes have torn through a 16 storied building and has killed one person.

Even when this missile has been destroyed it has severely damaged two buildings, concrete and dust can be seen everywhere

Things would have been much more severe, This missile was one of the 10 rockets and planes that the Ukrainian air force said that shot down around the country overnight.

Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, the commander in chief of Ukraine’s armed forces, said they had destroyed a Russian Su-25 ground-attack aircraft and shot down a Su-35 fighter jet.

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