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Ukraine Claims Significant Damage Inflicted on Russian Brigade in Bakhmut

As conflict continue between Ukraine and Russia, Ukrainian military officials recently reported a significant blow dealt to Russias 72nd Separate Motor rifle Brigade near Bakhmut on Wednesday. While not completely destroyed their capabilities are believed to have been severely hindered. Bakhmut continues to be a top target for Moscow amidst this ongoing conflict as confirmed by Ukrainian sources.

The spokesperson for Ukrainian troops in the eastern region acknowledged the challenging situation but emphasized how Russia was now resorting more towards deploying regular army forces as their private army group Wagner suffered heavy losses.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, who leads Wagner Group and is known for being a Russian mercenary boss actively involved in fighting at Bakhmut claimed Tuesday that 72nd Separate Motor rifle Brigade had abandoned its positions - however Cherevatyi stated otherwise and highlighted how the entire Russian brigade hadn't yet been destroyed. As per Cherevatyi's recent remarks during a television program, ongoing conflict led to significant damage inflicted upon two area businesses.

The primary direction of attack for rival forces remains concentrated around coveted Bakhmut since it attracts immense attention from aggressors despite Russian forces' persistence. While acknowledging Prigozhin's efforts aimed at creating discordance amongst Ukrainian troops defending against these attacks, he underlined that their determination remains steadfast and unyielding.

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